Kombucha Health Benefits and Uses


If you've been scouring the shelves of your local natural health food store or supermarket, you've probably come across kombucha. This is a type of fermented drink that provides a lot of health benefits. Kombucha is typically made from green or black tea, and contains many of the benefits of this tea, from boosting your gut health to curbing your appetite, and so much more. If you've never tried it, perhaps you're tempted to try this fizzy effervescent elixir.


Natural Probiotic

One of the main reasons people drink kombucha is because it can work as a natural probiotic, instead of having to rely on pills or other forms of probitoics. 

What are probiotics? These are live microorganisms that help to restore your gut flora balance. You have good and bad bacteria in your gut, that need a good balance in order to avoid potential gut and digestive issues. 

Kombucha uses a combination of tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast that works just like a natural probiotic. This helps you to avoid having to take probiotic pills each day, or getting expensive packets of live probiotics.

Improves Digestion

Since it works as a probiotic, kombucha can of course help with your digestion. Kombucha contains a unique combination of tummy relaxing tea, enzymes, organic acids, and polyphenols that work as a natural probiotic for your gut. This can help soothe your tummy if it has been upset, reduce cramps and nausea, and even balance out your digestive system.

If you have had digestive issues like stomach cramps, bloating, constipation, or inflammation, it doesn’t hurt to try adding a little kombucha to your daily routine. It tastes just like tea, is easy to drink, and if nothing else, can help soothe discomfort in your belly.

Reduces Cholesterol

Do you have issues with your cholesterol levels? If so, you might want to start adding kombucha to your regular routine. There is also research that points to balancing out your healthy cholesterol and blood sugar with kombucha. This is likely thanks to the green or black tea used in kombucha, since these teas are known to be great for cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Same Benefits of Green and Black Tea

If you tend to go for green or black tea because of its health benefits, you are going to get all those same benefits when you drink kombucha. These teas, in addition to helping with your cholesterol, have been shown to curb cravings, reduce bely fat, and help relieve minor digestive issues.

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