Health Benefits of Power Greens


We all know it's important to consume a fair share of daily greens. We know, deep down, that these greens are powerful nutritional storehouses, just waiting for us to take advantage of. They can even taste quite good if you know what you're doing in the kitchen. 

Despite this, many people consume little to no greens in their daily diet. Here are five reasons you should change this. When it comes to reasons to eat greens, they're only the tip of the iceberg. 

Greens Help Slow the Aging Process

There are so many amazing compounds found in wild greens that help slow aging, it's hard to know where to begin. There are high amounts of folate and vitamin k, both essential to help the body thrive and replace cells. Superb antioxidant quantities, similar to those found in berries, are also present, helping prevent and heal damage to the cells. Fatty acids, in particular omega-3's, round off the anti-aging benefits you can get by simply adding more greens into your diet.

Greens Are Great for Your Heart

Greens are such a powerful food group, they help prevent heart disease in myriad ways. The high fiber content helps keep the cholesterol levels in your body down, and greens naturally help regulate blood pressure, keeping the heart healthy. Greens also help regulate harmful hormones in the body that are known to cause thickening of the blood. By lowering this, greens help prevent blood clots. 

Greens Help Promote Superb Gut Health

You've probably heard by now how important it is to keep the biome of your gut in check. Too much bad bacteria can flood the body, leading to a range of health issues. Your body has a natural defense against this via the good bacteria that flourish in your gut. The standard modern diet, however, has made it easier for bad bacteria to triumph over the good. Something as simple as a daily serving of greens can help restore balance. 

Greens Protect You from the Sun

While sunscreen is still a vital way to protect your skin from damage, a little known fact is that you can get some protection from the foods you ingest, greens being one of those foods. The high antioxidant content and the carotenoids found in the greens help protect you from UV rays at a cellular level. Pretty cool, huh?

Greens Protect Your Body from Toxins

Our bodies come into contact with a lot of toxins as we go about our days, and these can cause cancer. Chlorophyll found in plants, and in particular dark, leafy super greens. helps render these obsolete by binding to them and deactivating them. 

Greens may not be a big juicy burger or a fresh red tomato, but they can be just as delicious, and amazing for the health. Start by adding in a serving a week and gradually work your way up until you're consuming some every day. Your body will thank you.

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