The Newest Keto Food Trend: How to Make Chaffles

Whether you follow the actual ketogenic diet, or you are simply on a low carb diet, chaffles are going to be your next favorite thing. But what are chaffles?! Basically, they are waffles made from eggs and cheese – and that’s it! You will find out more below, but these can be eaten as waffles, turned into bread, or made into so many decadent meals and even desserts. 

The Basic Chaffle Recipe

There are a lot of different chaffle recipes out there, but it all started with just 2 ingredients – shredded cheese and an egg. It’s difficult to find the person who invented the chaffle, since it so quickly got popular and everyone was sharing it all over Instagram. 

The most basic recipe calls for 1 egg and ½ cup of shredded Mozzarella cheese. But you can use shredded cheese of any variety, which is going to change the flavor and texture of the chaffle. It is fun to use different types of cheese and figure out what flavor combination you like best, whether you mix 2-3 cheeses together, try cheddar, or go spicy with a Monterey jack.

Why Make Chaffles?


When you are on a low-carb diet, there is a lot you can’t eat anymore that you might be missing. Regular waffles, bread, hamburger buns, and a lot more food staples you used to rely on. By making waffles with just egg and cheese, it is extremely low in carbs, and helps keep your sandwiches together.

Does it taste like cheese? This might depend on how you make it and who you ask. If you are accustomed to using cheese for toppings and taco shells on the Keto diet, then the taste likely won’t bother you. But it definitely doesn’t taste like a normal waffle. The cheese crisps up, and the egg helps to hold it together. 

Ways to Use Chaffles

Here are a few different variations on the basic chaffle, as well as some options for what to do with it. 

Fold it into a taco shell – Your first option is to make a taco shell with the chaffle, which might be slightly easier than if you use cheese on a pan to make a cheese shell that way.

Use for a sandwich – The most popular way to use chaffles is to turn them into sandwich bread. If you have been missing a turkey club or your favorite BLT, now is the chance to make one with the chaffle recipe.

Make savory waffles – You can also keep the cheese waffles as is, and top them with lunch meat and more cheese with some veggies, or go the opposite direction and try some dessert varieties.

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